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Name:Jenny Thornton
Birthdate:Oct 11
Fire Flower, Ice Crystal

Character Info

Character: Jenny Thornton
Fandom:The Forbidden Game by L.J. Smith
Media: Book
Voicemail Link:Voice Mail
Phone Number: 555-THRN
Point of Entry: From the third book, The Kill, when she thinks that she has just seen Julian killed.
Physical Description: Jenny is described as having gold hair and dark green eyes. Julian has described her eyes as being the color of cypress.

Jenny is a beautiful, brave, intelligent, willful teenager hopelessly in love with her boyfriend since second grade, Tom Locke. Prior to the first Game, she is entirely subservient to Tom's wishes, dressing and acting exactly the way he wants her to. As the series progresses, Jenny and her friends fight against the antagonist Julian. In doing so, her friendships deepen; Jenny matures to become more responsible and independent.

She also realizes that as much as she cares about Tom, she's no longer willing to be subservient to his wishes and ideas -- and that she can take care of herself and make good decisions without his input at all. She loves him, but she is not longer hopelessly or blindly in love with Tom. She has realized a great many things and one of those is that there is such a thing as true passion and there isn't a great deal of passion between her and Tom. Between her and Julian, however...

Jenny realizes that there is good in Julian and that she is meant to be with him -- to help his light overcome his darkness. She stays determined that she will win both the Games and Julian's freedom from the fate of all of the Shadow Men. She knows that she can help him come out of his darkness and find a new existence in the light.

While her friends aren't thrilled with the idea of her rehabilitating Julian after everything he has put all of them through, they will not abandon Jenny. They think that she is too good and pure and that trying to help Julian is going to end up hurting her or even getting her killed. For these reasons, they do their best to stay close to Jenny whenever she is with Julian.

Will stay close to canon events of the book. Close, but perhaps not completely.



This journal is for writing and roleplaying games only. I am neither Jenny Thornton, nor am I Brittany Robertson.
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